Trust is very important to us and we believe honesty is the best policy. We know that your children mean everything to you and it is a privilege to play a role in their education and care. It’s a role we do not take lightly and we are committed to every parent leaving our centre with a sense of confidence and satisfaction. We value and respect all opinions and contributions and encourage open communication to foster respect and trust for each other.

We are family owned and operated so most of our parents have come to know our reputation by word of mouth, we have even seen the return of future parents enrol children of their own. It is a commitment we make to each and every child we care for – but also one we make to families, educators and the community.

Our centre becomes a second home for our children and educators, we encourage children to confidently investigate and explore their learning environment whilst supporting each child’s learning inquisitiveness and behavioral development. Children are welcome to take home our pet bunny, Olaf, for a weekend and are encouraged to keep a diary of their experiences.

Just like our children, we are always learning and evolving. We are committed to learning new ways to improve what we do and adapt new and better ways of educating our children. Together, we strive to make Timeout a place that is safe, supportive and inclusive; where diversity is celebrated and children are encouraged to reach their potential.



It is very important that we connect with our families and children just as it is important that we connect with our local community. Our centre integrates local members, community topics and events into our curriculum to ensure that everyone feels part of the same community.

We take every opportunity to celebrate all sorts of occasions at our service through the year from Australia Day to Christmas opening opportunities for children to engage and embrace different cultures. We are involved in a community garden in close proximity to our centre, where the children visit regularly and contribute to planting, cleaning and caring for the environment.

Why Choose Us?


We understand choosing a childcare centre for your precious little person is no easy feat. We understand the many factors you need to consider – and we are here to support you every step of the way. While we pride ourselves on our excellent facilities and play-based learning programs, it is our team that sets us apart.

Our decision to exclusively operate one centre allows us to build positive relationships with parents and families, completely understand the child’s needs and requirements for education and development. We strongly believe this approach provides a child focused open environment where families and staff work in partnership to promote a positive, nurturing and safe early learning experience for all children.

Our centre has been rated “Exceeding” in all 7 quality areas upon the assessment and rating visit by the Quality Assessment and Regulation Division from the Department of Education and Training – Early Childhood & School Education Group.