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Child Care Subsidy

The Child Care Subsidy (CCS) is how the Government assists families with their child care fees, and is targeted to provide greater assistance to low and middle income families.

Childcare Subsidy is available for families who meet the eligibility criteria. You can apply for Child Care Subsidy at any Family Services Australia. This should be lodged prior to your child commencing care as Child Care Subsidy only applies from the date of lodgement.

Three things will determine your family’s level of Child Care Subsidy: 1. Combined Family Income, 2. Activity level of parents, 3. Type of child care service.

TimeOut Educare is funded by this scheme and is an approved service. To check your eligibility and to learn more about child care subsidy for first-time childcare users, visit humanservices.gov.au

Join our waiting list

It is never too early to place your child on the TimeOut Educare waiting list. You can join our waiting list at any time.

Simply register your details via our administration portal  ‘My Family Lounge’ or contact our team.

Centre Fees

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My Family Lounge

Register your details in our administration portal – ‘My Family Lounge’ (MLF).
Tell us about you, your child and what bookings you are after and we will get back to you within 1-2 business days.

To register, follow these
simple steps:

Step 1

For NEW families to My Family Lounge, register your details by clicking the register button. You will then be taken through a registration process to create your MFL account.
(For families with existing MFL accounts, skip to step 2)

Step 2

Log into your MFL account under the ‘Enrolment Management’ page, enter your details, your child’s details and what bookings you are after.

Step 3

Submit a request to join our waiting list. We will get back to you within (move to line above)  48 hours via email with a response of what availability we can offer.

Register in our portal 'My Family Lounge'

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