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My Family Lounge

Register your details in our administration portal – ‘My Family Lounge’ (MLF).
Tell us about you, your child and what bookings you are after and we will get back to you within 1-2 business days.

To register, follow these
simple steps:

Step 1

For NEW families to My Family Lounge, register your details by clicking the register button. You will then be taken through a registration process to create your MFL account.
(For families with existing MFL accounts, skip to step 2)

Step 2

Log into your MFL account under the ‘Enrolment Management’ page, enter your details, your child’s details and what bookings you are after.

Step 3

Submit a request to join our waiting list. We will get back to you within (move to line above)  48 hours via email with a response of what availability we can offer.

Register in our portal 'My Family Lounge'

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