Give mum something meaningful this Mother’s Day! Instead of buying a present from the shops, why not make a gift that will be cherished? 
Here are 5 creative gifts your child can make for mum on mother’s day:


1. Create a beautiful, personalised flower vase.
You’ll need a vase (we recommend using recycled jars that you may have around the house), glass or acrylic paint and a brush. Let your child release their inner Picasso as they transform the glass into a colourful spectrum.


 2. Frame a floral arrangement with dried or artificial petals, leaves and sticks.

3. Write a special message or poem.
In a blank notebook write a special message to Mum on a page. For our younger children – they can create artwork on the page using paint, pencils or markers. Make sure you date it and continue this tradition in the future. This will become a notebook they will cherish as it will act as a 


4.  Do a questionnaire ‘All About Mummy’.
Together with your child, fill out a special questionnaire about Mum (we are sure there will be some adorably funny answers). Add a small photograph of mum and leave room for your little one to draw a picture. You can download the template here > All About Mummy

5. Have your own family High Tea at home or in your garden!
Make yummy scones with whipped cream and strawberry jam, assorted mini sandwiches and sweet desserts- think cupcakes, profiteroles and cookies.  Your little one can help you prepare and bake the items. Set up a little icing station where they can also decorate the desserts with icing and 100s & 1000s.


Wishing all mums and mother figures a happy mother’s day! We hope you enjoy this special day with your family and loved ones. 
Please note: Children should be supervised by an adult during these activities. 

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